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Burningsun life choices

Played many a game on this site and other sites and always felt it was missing something or they were too short. So I decided to try to make one myself. Basically I'm ing to see if this is something people like, or hate, or whatever.

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The Repurposing Center.

Years old: I am 53
Nationality: Sudanese
I like: Gentleman
My sex: I'm female
Color of my hair: Redhead
My body features: My body type is quite strong
What I like to listen: Classical

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Life choices [v] [burningsun]

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Hi all, Thank you for visiting my Patreon. I'm working on a game called 'Life Choices'. It is about a young girl that needs your guidance. It is your job to help her make the 'right' decisions whilst she is trying to build up her new life.

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I started making the game simply because I enjoy doing some simple coding etc. As you may have noticed, the game is free to play and it will remain free to play, but after receiving many requests for aI created said and here we are.

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Future cities might be gated, but eventually will also remain free to play. If you'd like to tip me for my 'work' please go ahead. It is sincerely appreciated! Some tiers do provide some privileges.

Burningsun - life choices [v full] () (eng) simulator

Small-ish events like the random events that happen on the beach or in the park or city or pool, etc. Nuff said.

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Discussion is always possible and if you're unhappy with my decision, money back guaranteed. Right, that is about all there is to say at the moment. Thanks again for visiting my .

Porn game: burningsun life choices version

BurningSun Life Choices V0. Get the files from the folder here: MEGA. Crazy right!?

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When this goal is reached I will start to invest in people helping me with a few things: Translation into different language smaking it Android compatible, a walkthrough, possibly write up some events and similar stuff. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts.

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Porn game: burningsun life choices version

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