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Blazblue es

Es is a well rounded character that has straightforward tools such as a fast projectile and a DP. Es's unique mechanics involve her Drive and her Bors buff. Es's Drive allows her to set crests after certain attacks that deal damage after a set period of time.

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Today is Es' birthday! Es debuted in XBlaze, and is an anti-ability-user soldier of the Mitsurugi Agency. She doesn't show emotions, but after passing time with Touya Kagari and the others, she began to develop her own will and prioritize her own wishes. And from company deers we have some illustrations for Es! Today, let's celebrate with Es' beloved pudding! The collab cafe that begins today also has a dish on its menu that's based on Es. Everyone, please celebrate with us! In the main work, powerful opponents like the Ten Sages and Ripper stood in his way, but he widened his fate with his own power.

Konomi Higuchi. Don't miss the last part! Top right Ahoge cowlick. Slanted upper [part]. On right [View from] immediately above, immediately below. By the curved rectangle Not very thick. Below the uncolored lineart Grows from the roots of her bangs. In the box with a. On right, guideline leading to ribbons crossing the chest Normally tied around the body this way; they will be omitted in the following drawings. Left Golden pin to blazblue es her outerwear.

Center [When] spinning, [you can] see the fastener. On right A petticoat is underneath. Toshimichi Mori. Since it's Es' birthday Advice text: Es is the guardian of Azure's Gate. She's rational yet unforgiving. She'll do whatever it takes to accomplish her mission. Images in this gallery are added based on their Template:Gallery Metadata.

To add an image to this gallery, make sure it is categorized in the appropriate. A script will add or update Template:Gallery Metadata to each image within one hour. Failing that, the template can be added manually.

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