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Military Academy.

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Carl is a puppet character focusing on strong setplay and amazing mixup potential.

Age: 35
Nationality: Uruguayan
I speak: Russian
What is my figure features: I'm quite chubby

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Currently, he is after Ragna 's bounty and the Azure Grimoire, leading him to become a vigilante. He travels with a maid-like puppet called Nirvana, whom he believes to be his sister Ada. He is unwilling to see that she is in fact Deus Ex Nirvana, a Nox Nyctores in the form of a marionette, often blamed for "Insanity" in the user when in fact it only amplifies its owner's preexisting desire to kill, similar to Jin's sword and Noel's pistol.

After several people attempted to disassemble or remove Nirvana from him, Carl has become extremely paranoid and possessive over his "sister. Interestingly enough, one of the "Teach me Dr. Litchi" episodes reveals that Carl's glasses are what gives him the ability to talk to Nirvana, as well as mailboxes and telephone booths. Carl has an interesting get-up, along with his freaky android sister.

Carl clover/biography

His fighting style is effectively cool and very original in the fighting game universe, as he can control his sister at will during a fight. Although the way he fights is very unique, you could say that his "style" of gameplay was inspired by the likes of the Marvel VS Capcom series, as skilled players can actually make their assist characters appear "behind" their opponents, allowing for a beat down from both directions Carl Clover.

Updated: Oct. Carl Animations. In some ways, Carl strikes me as a "new take" on Harry Potter.

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