Black and White Interior Design Tips and Results

    Black and White Interior Design Tips and Results

    Many are afraid of black and white interiors because they are thinking that it is cold and minimalist. This example proves the opposite!

    For this apartment in Paris, everything can be said except that there is no heat. With the careful use of black and white materials and details combined with rustic furniture pieces and design lighting fixtures, a pleasant ambiance has been created that captivates at first glance.

    Do you want this kind of interior? From this example, you can pick up ideas!

    White walls, parquet oak: this is a great backdrop for the black and white ambiance.

    Lighting is very important. In this case, modern chandeliers with tinted chandeliers are combined.

    Rustic details inflame the atmosphere.

    The nut on the front of the kitchen makes it look old-fashioned.

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