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Beta male tumblr

Chastity fun Male slave Emasculated Beta Boy All posts are based on my life experience as a skinny, virgin, submissive, wimpy, hairless boy who is a virgin.

single milf Yara

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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex.

My age: 47
Where am I from: I'm syrian
I prefer: Male
What is my sex: Lady
My Zodiac sign: Leo
My body type: I'm quite plump
I prefer to listen: Dance
In my spare time I love: Swimming
Body tattoos: None

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I am lucky enough to have done this in reality - I hated the taste of the cum and it was of course extremely humiliating but I was still inexpressibly grateful for the opportunity to lick and taste pussy. Pleasures real men enjoy but that I will never, ever experience in my whole, sad little life: 3.

Pleasures real men enjoy but that I will never, ever experience in my whole, sad little life: 2. Squeezing a beautiful, fit, firm, ass.

Pleasures real men enjoy but that I will never, ever experience in my whole, sad little life: 1. To any normal person, this sight is totally unremarkable: a woman comfortably but still smartly dressed, revealing nothing remotely sexually provocative.

But to a sex-starved pervert like me, every inch of the bare flesh on view is fantastically arousing: her bare arms and the little glimpse of bare shoulder, her feet, her taut, firm and tanned calves, and - most of all - the small slit at the back of her skirt through which we can catch just the slightest look at the lower part of the back of her left thigh … forcing us to imagine the sight and feel of that thigh as it rises all the way up to the priceless treasure between her legs.

They get to see a lot more than is on show here - any time they want.

Like I say, truly pathetic. At the moment they are expected to conform and succeed in an environment of sexual competition where they cannot succeed in the way that they expect to.

Sad little beta

This is the root of all the insecurity of dating, and the pain of rejection. If we can achieve a cultural breakthrough whereby lesser men are encouraged to withdraw from sexual competition and instead compete at being caring, unthreatening, obedient cuckold companions, then they will find themselves playing a game where they can thrive!

This is a superb post - it is so true, and could be massively helpful to everyone. Betas like me freed from anxiety and guilt, women freed from the unwanted sexual attention of beta males who will unavoidably just end up disappointing and frustrating them, and alpha males enjoying the freedom to sow their seed wherever they want whenever they want. But, actually, it would be best for us too.

I found in my feed on here a stunningly beautiful photograph — a superbly pretty and cute young woman wearing a very loosely-woven and therefore see-through top. Spellbound, I could not resist the desire to download the image into my collection. But — since committing a couple of years ago to the pussy-free and tit-free existence I know is appropriate to my beta nature — I knew it would be wrong for me for look at the photograph, even though I would take some consolation from knowing it was stored in my collection … even unseen by me.

But I made a mistake — instead of saving the censored version as a new file, I mistakenly over-wrote the original file with the censored version. So now the original, uncensored version is lost to me. I can gaze pathetically at the black bar version, but will now never again see the beautiful tits beneath it.

When I realised my mistake, I felt it like a kick in the stomach. Even though I had honestly intended to deny myself ever looking at the uncensored version, the fact that now I genuinely could not do so however much I might want to felt devastating and unfair. But soon I calmed down: no, I told myself, this may have been an accident, but it is correct and appropriate.

So, yes, it is very sad for me that I will never again see the beauty of the tits now hidden forever for me by this hated black bar. But I humbly accept it as correct that I should be permanently denied that pleasure, and being forced into that humble acceptance has been good for me. I like you on your knees old man. I wanna see my hard prick shoved way down your throat.

Go on, fucker. Swallow my fucking dick.

I wanna watch you choke hard. What a magnificent photo!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I often feel sorry for myself - wondering why I feel the need to deny myself the pleasure of jacking off to pictures of beautiful naked women, why I feel an obligation to forbid myself even looking at uncensored images showing the tit and pussy I so adore and crave. And then I see a photo like this, and it all makes sense again. A man like this deserves sex - deserves tit and pussy and blowjobs and fucking and cumming whenever he wants.

I am a sexual loser, and losers deserve … nothing. That is why censored porn and chastity are right for someone like me.

Photos like this help me learn to understand and accept that. What a wicked cruel idea this photo inspires. To be tossed in a foreign corrupt jail system overseas left desperately praying for my wife to get me released.

The guards keep me naked and bound so I must crawl around on my knees and elbows. They throw a few chunks of dry dog food in a bowl and piss over it for my meals. I shiver in the cold cell and scramble forward to eat up my tenth feeding of the day and then respectfully lap up the piss that hit the dirty floor. The weeks drag by.

Months pile up. I have not seen my wife or the lawyer since their one flight over. I keep praying for the two of them to make a breakthrough in my case. I have no way of knowing my possessions are packed up in the rafters over the garage or sold now.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He moved in months ago. In truth, both she and her lover are both seeing a lawyer now due to how my status is interfering with their plans. They are exploring what is needed to have me declared officially a missing person. Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Another wonderful post.

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