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It is actually a little better for me to buy it through the Comic Store, but I also appreciate Renderotica, so feel free to buy it in either place. Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive.

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College girls live shows. For me the thought that someone would pay money to fuck me or suck their cock or both is so intoxicating.

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I dont know if I could resist and it would be addicting condemning. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive.

Pound my guts! Desperate for your likes. This kicks serious ass.

Unfortunately I was no longer with Jamie when I got to this point. Instead of her encouraging me, I was the one convincing my then current girlfriend that she would want to watch me with another man. I told her all she had to do was ask, and I'd do it for her After much of my convincing, she was finally curious enough to testwhat I was willing to do for her.

One drunken night after a party when all but one friend had left, she pulled me aside and said "I want to see". I was immediately aroused and told her that if she could get 'John' undressed, we could try to make it happen. After a short discussion giving her the go ahead to do whatever she wanted; she left to go seduce John while I waited in the kitchen for my moment.

Be the best sissy you can be

I didn't have to wait very long before she called me into the room. As I walk into the room I see John's pants down by his ankles while she straddles him completely naked on the recliner.

She then turns to me and says "I told John you wanted to share me with him tonight, and -as she grabs his rock hard dick- he's down baby". I stripped, moved toward them, and kneeled down in front of the chair; John looked a little confused but when I made eye contact with her, she smiled, turned to John and said "I want him to get you ready for me Out of the corner of my eye, i see her turn to watch me while I eagerly suck John's dick--I regret not making eye contact and seeing her full reaction.

She quickly returned her attention to John and after a little more than 5min of me "getting him ready" to fuck my girlfriend, she reached back to al me to stop and grabbed his dick as she positioned herself over it. She was no longer looking for permission and her assertiveness was arousing.

I replaced her hand on his dick with my own and grabbed her hip with my other hand to guide her down. She began to move without ever looking back at me, and I watched her lower herself down as I placed his cock inside of her.

I stayed on my knees below them as they fucked, touching myself as she rode him. Every once in a while during a slip out or position change I would do my job and fluff him or bury my face in her used pussy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She barely acknowledged me and never looked directly at me anymore after that moment in the beginning when she first turned her attention back to John; Although I originally wanted to be more a part of this "threesome", it was insanely arousing and humiliating just watching and being treated like an accessory.

I was there to give pleasure but I would not receive any in return, and I loved it She was on her back as John pulled out and exploded onto her chest. After a bit of heavy breathing, she went to our bedroom to clean up and I followed her letting John know to let himself out when he's ready.

When I get to the room, she has already wiped off and is laying in bed with the lights off. I start to caress her but she says she's tired, and I was too horny to stop so I began to kiss her body, her chest, right where John's cum was just.

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She quickly reminded me that she didn't shower, just wiped off with a towel, and I tell her I know. She's still incredibly wet and a bit messy.

Before long I tell her to get on top and straddle my face while I jerk myself. I continued to eat her used pussy until she came, and while she was still trembling and clenching my head with her thighs, I finished myself off I had willingly let her cuck me, and I even submitted to my knees and deepthroated our bull's cock while she watched me.

This is one of the hottest memories I have of her and I don't regret one bit of it. Sadly, our relationship faded quickly after that night and she left me for another man This is true. Yes so true. Recently Liked.