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Best gore accidents

It happened on Tuesday February 26,

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Switch Editions? Channel: Fatal Crash — Best Gore. Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? Are you the publisher? Claim or about this channel. Viewing all articles.

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First Browse latest View live. The pics show the aftermath of a fatal road accident in which a car that must have been speeding slammed into a pole.

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There seem to be at least three people dead. This happened in Paniqui, Tarlac, the Philippines on April 10,where there was an collision between a truck with a group of bikers. Four bikers died on the spot with a bunch more seriously injured.

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The story is that a 10 wheeler truck swerved into the oncoming lane, ramming the bikers as they rode … Continue reading "Group of Bikers on Weekend Getaway Collides with Truck in Philippines, Four Die". No idea on location.

Aftermath of presumable motorcycle accident with large vehicle leaves woman and man in dire straights.

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The collision of large truck wheel and couple on bike leaves a smear and stains the road red. If my bulging red eye sees correctly, there are hearts and guts in the road. This happens near Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. Check this out.

It happened where I live at in Chicago Illinois. Man was speeding in front of my car. The way he was speeding was very odd because he seemed to have control of the car, he was speeding yet he was swerving in between cars trying not to collide with them until he … Continue reading "Chicago Heights Woman Killed in 2-Vehicle Crash". On June 10th, an accident involving a speeding car and a wagon of sorts pulled by a horse collide.

A hilarious chain of events unfolds on CCTV.

Why you should journal after a car accident injury

The horse disobeys basic rules of the road and crosses an intersection without looking both directions. Accident in a small Indian village, in which a young man and a young woman were riding in the bike. Youth and a girl died on the spot. Captured on CCTV, a motorcycle accident in Philippines happens after guy fails to overtake a pickup and crashes head on into business curbside. A pair of youngsters were driving drunk and people recorded them for a distance before they crashed. At a red light, on a Tuesday afternoon at JDA circle in Jaipur, India, a speeding car crashed into a bunch of stopped cars at the intersection.

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The collision caused a healthy amount of carnage, which is frowned upon in most cases, however we will gladly accept it. In Latin America, a scooter rider catches the short end of the stick of life, unfortunately dies a pain free death. When the going gets rough, the rough gets going.

Very, very short motor vehicle accident aftermath video with a man and little girl dead. Not sure where this takes place, although the language sounds like Latin America.

Daddy and daughter share more than just precious moments under a midgore sun — they share forever together. In India, a policeman rear ends a truck. The rear ending is not given by the cop on bike but from the truck, sticking it to the man. The tailgating cop follows too closely behind a big bootay.

Auto accident

What a lustful way to die! Death by orgasmic head job.

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Aftermath of a road accident between a car and a bus in Pilibhit, a small city in the state of India, called Uttar Pradesh on 26 July, there were 8 people in the car out of which 7 die. I am still wondering how 8 people got inside the car.

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