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Bbwchan drawn

Looking for the name of the artist from a picture you found? Looking for some art of a fat mom with either a mug or shirt that said 1 mom with her embarrassed son next to her. From what I remember it was not colored and I think the mom had cellulite.

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Most of these babes are barely covering their tits and booties with bikinis, lingerie, and robes, while others love to entertain.

My age: 34
Caters to: Gentleman
What I prefer to listen: Jazz
What is my hobbies: Painting

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Looking for some fat chicks at BBW Chan? Sparxxx, yes indeed. The way they jiggle when you hit it from behind. The way they defy gravity when they twerk. The beautiful curves they form when they threaten to burst seems like tight jeans. I could stare at big beautiful booties all day long.

I know that I am far from alone in my love of bodacious women. The term BBW, or big beautiful women if you live under a rock, has become used so frequently that it is no longer just a porn acronym. The term has done what very few parts of adult culture manage to do. It has broken the threshold and crept into mainstream recognition. Gone are the days of the Barbie doll figure being the only standard of beauty in society.

And I salute the booty. A quick foray into 4Chan and Reddit communities will provide you with enough debate on the topic to make your head spin and allow to be entertained bbwchan drawn hours on end. At any rate, BBW Chan is a thing, and thick lady lovers everywhere can rejoice. From the moment you land on the homeit will look familiar to 4Chan users. This hentai girl, however, is yup, you guessed it pretty fucking fat. From the homeyou can navigate between thre. Well, that and, in classic 4Chan fashion, the occasional meme in-between content.

Nothing but big and beautiful booties.

And, of course, shitty memes. Many of the drawings were hentai-inspired.

pretty lady Wynter

And for the final thread on BBW-Chan: inflation. Now, this was interesting, to say the least. Come to find out, there are weirdos out there who get off on rendered images of girls with their tits bbwchan drawn asses inflated to like 1, times their natural size? I have seen a lot of weird shit in my day, but this has to be up there toward the top of the list. But this I just cannot wrap my head around. Whatever rocks your cock, am I right? Sites like this rely entirely on community engagement, and each thread only had like 20 or so s, each one with maybe 15 images on it. I would expect way more content from a Chan-esque site like this.

naughty mom Emilia

But, who knows, it could be a newer community. Some definite pluses for BBW-Chan catalog are that the site does not have any whatsoever woohoo!

lonely housewives Bridget

All it takes is filling out a quick form beforehand. Although this definitely makes it way easier to post content, it could, ironically, be what is contributing to the low post s. What I mean is, maybe people would be more likely to return to the site and engage in the community if they were able to establish some sort of repeat rapport with users…build an online rep of sorts.

Bbw-chan review

As of now, the only real incentive that the site provides for posting content is the love of a—although much more popular now than ever before, still very—niche interest. Not to mention BBW-Chan is not the only site on the web for tons of images of fat chicks. Far from it. It seems to me as if BBW-Chan is going to have to do something soon to set themselves apart or they are not likely to last. I promise. And with that, I leave you to fap to whatever weird photoshopped enormous tits you see fit.

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