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ASTER Level 2 data requests for observations that occurred after May 27, will resort back to using the climatology ozone input. Additional information can be found on the News Release.

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It contains surface temperatures at 90 m spatial resolution for the land areas only. Surface kinetic temperature provides a vital input to studies of volcanism, thermal inertia, surface energy, and high-resolution mapping of fires.

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These estimates are used along with Kirchoff's Law to for the land-leaving TIR radiance that is due to sky irradiance. That figure is subtracted from TIR radiance iteratively to estimate the emitted radiance from which temperature is calculated using the NEM module.

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The updated algorithm includes the following improvements:. Details regarding RCC V5 are described in the following journal article.

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Tsuchida, S. A future release will include this metadata attribute information. Highlights from the Literature: October to December Highlights from the Literature: January to March View research publications that used these data.

View data products that are related to this product.

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General Site Search. Using the Data.

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Access Data. Related Products. Both selections will automatically revert to the next lower input if the selected input is not available. Collection and Granule.

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The second alternative is the NRL Climatology data which are based on modeling, simulation, and prediction. They are static, monthly, averaged datasets, therefore, used only as a last resort. Known Issues. View full-size image.

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Using the Data E-Learning. Data In Action. Citation DOI: Related Products View data products that are related to this product.

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