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Ashford academy download

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This is a completely rewritten version of Ashford Academy. Ashford Academy is a game where you take the role of the newly appointed principal male. With this, getting your reputation up should be quicker, but it should slow down instead of speeding up later on. It was rising a bit too quickly. Documentation updated for it. Will be said one after another.

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HentHighSchool Development Forum. Please or register.

Recent Posts Re: Test version for 0. s: [ 1 ] Go Down.

Ashford Academy - General information: The game is written in python with renpy and can be executed stand alone on WindowsMacLinux and Android. If you by any reason don't want to support me the direct link can be found beneath. Updates: Quote. s: [ 1 ] Go Up. SMF 2. SimplePortal 2.

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Recent Posts. Re: Test version for 0. Updates: Quote Updated renpy to 7. A few new scenes. Multiple unreported changes. New Amagi event and new costumes. Code restructure. Jack Drake bugfix. Thanks clef! Thanks Tsapas!

Buildings and buyables screen updates. Mod related updates Thanks Tsapas! New buildings "cafeteria" and "dormitory".

Us on newly launched discord

Unlocked via achievements. A few more main story scenes.

Old name will be included for the next versions for legacy support. Added monthly goals. Random academic based topic function. Some more code restructure. Some mod support. Thanks Tsapas r - Building stat bonus fixed.

Ashford academy free download

Thanks Wonder Dog! One more event. Thanks fenris!

Additional fixes and typos. Minimum value added to all stats. Updated to latest renpy. Thanks Goldo and Wonder Dog! Game over bug fixed. Android related bugs and icon. Thanks Dagoth! Load game bug fixed. Thanks Tsapas and fenris! Some testing of mac and linux versions. Typos and edits. Thanks Emanym! Basic tutorial and messages. Thanks kotogakko-sanDBH and Tsapas! New buyable, lower inhibition. Play as female in new game plus. Some edited content. Thanks Dole! Thanks B-Navigator!

Updated debug screen. Additional images to existing content. Added debug screen.

Re-coded game over. Should have fixed all ' ' related crashes. Revised some code and old content.

Content control feature. Policys are now much more important. Redo last planning. Thanks dementio! New content and edits. Added a SDK document. Some new and revised locations. Added Kazuna Satoshi. Revised content.

Send me an when this game has an update

Students should feel relaxed now. Thanks Mickele Total days added.

Thanks clef. New buyables and text. Marceline Ward added. Changed price for magic ing.

Ashford academy pc game overview

If anyone wants me to add specific content feel free to make a post about it. Images should be of similar quality as the existing content. Full screen images and backgrounds should be saved as JPG in the size of x Sprites are in PNG with transparency.

Depending on time and content, I might decline personally adding the content. I will not add obvious loli, scat or guro content. But feel free to add it yourself. We have a bug tracker: Feel free to post any bug there, It makes it much easier for me to keep track on them.