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Another story walkthrough

Mystic Messenger: Another Story [Prologue]. September 08,

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Note: There is more than one way to good end and bad end. Selection 1 Hi, blonde AI! How are you? Alt Selection 1 Yoosung, right? Alt Selection 1 Nothing hehe.

How to get ray route – day 1

Nothing I know that u are AI lol. Alt Selection 2 Nothing really — but it looked like he cares for me. Nothing We talked about something fishy hehe.

Selection 3 Why are you so nice to me? Selection 4 She was beautiful, she was determined, she was so cool!

Otome and other female targeted media

Alt Selection 4. Alt Selection 3 For days. Nothing About years. Alt Selection 4 Because I was told to say that? Selection 6 You must be frustrated, Yoosung… Yoosung Is this a detective game?

I thought it was romance. Guess I was tricked. Selection 8 Wow this game is really nifty lol So both of you trust me, right?

Selection 9 Yes, please tell me more. Nothing Can you just give me a summary? Yoosung So are you saying he faked her death? Or dramas. Yoosung I would trust V. Why not take your time?

Yoosung Yes agreed. Be an iceman!

Selection 2 You mean you work until this hour? So this character called Jaehee Kang is set to work until late.

How to get v route – day 2

Nothing You can ask me. Selection 4 I can see the polar star out the window! Selection 5 Someone installed it for me. Someone I know. Nothing I got it from the store lol Nothing. Nothing Somebody that created you?

How to get v route – day 1

Selection 7 Buddy — can you make me a card? Selection 9 Then he could have called me lol Nothing What does he want to know about me? Selection 10 I want to know more about eh RFA. I hope you can teach me a lot. Han too! Lolol Nothing.

I knew it. This is a treasure box of secrets.

Good night! Character s : Outgoing Calls suggested, not confirmed : Yoosung. Selection 1 Good morning! Nothing A sparrow!!! Chirp Nothing. I wanna get u too.

Selection 3 Did you work all night because I ed? Nothing Your characterization is funny lol Nothing. Selection 4 It must be hard for you… and lonely… Nothing I wanna have some donuts. Not today… Nothing Yes I did! Nothing Yes, maybe…? Selection 8 I wanna try on your glasses.

How to get ray route – day 2

Nothing Instead of glasses, what about VR heet…? Selection 9 Did I get it from the store? Selection 11 Introduction, please. Nothing Allow me to open the bag of chips for you. Selection 12 A cute pretty magical boy!! Selection 14 Why the polar bear? Nothing Good job working hard. Selection 1 Zen! Good morning!

Nothing OMG! My phone is emitting sunshine all of a sudden!! Selection 2 Welcome, Jumin! Nothing Hey. Selection 3 You can leave, Jumin. Jumin Break Both of you can leave. I wanna be alone… Nothing You can leave, Zen. Selection 5 I understand.

– new face!

But this is my first day, so can you be a bit gentle? Hehe Jumin Please… interrogate me, Jumin. Selection 6 Let me gather my ki for some. Selection 7 It must be because of difference in your personalities.

Selection 8 I wish to keep my secrets…. Please understand. Selection 9 I understand. Nobody would leave suspicion out in this situation. Selection 10 Jumin, you rock! Jumin Do you know the definition of the word modesty?

Nothing But you should think about the welfare of your co-worker. Selection 12 Good luck on your work, Mr. Nothing See ya — Nothing. Selection 13 With what kind of person do you go along well, Zen? Nothing Goodbye, my good looking statue. Selection 1 Three regular meals each day!

Nothing I can eat up to 6 meals per day.