An Amazing Loft Apartment Project that for Work and Rest

    Thoughtful Loft Apartment Project | Youth Loft for Work and Rest

    The realized project of an apartment of 76 m²

    This project is a wonderful example of a thoughtful organization of space in the style of loft, suitable for both everyday activities and the work of hosts, and for the reception of guests over the weekend.

    Entering the apartment almost immediately falls into the kitchen area, which is located on the site of the former pantry. The kitchen composition, which forms a kind of corridor in the dining room, is made to order, an apron and a table-top made of slate. The dining table was brought by Teak House especially for this project.An Amazing Loft Apartment Project that for Work and Rest 01

    The owners of the apartment on the 25th floor of a monolithic house are a young couple engaged in the field of media advertising, and the workflow often takes place at home.

    Having found the project in the portfolio of Geometrium design studio, they approached the creators with the request to design a similar loft on their territory. Customers needed a working area in the living room and a place to store many shoes.

    Also, when designing the interior, it was important to provide the shelving for the models of tanks that the young man collects, as well as to allocate space for the sport of his wife.

    An Amazing Loft Apartment Project that for Work and Rest 02

    The interior of the hall is made up of a blue puff-barrel, a table for keys and other small things, a custom-made mirror and a Pax cabinet (IKEA). One of the walls is made of real concrete, which is covered with a varnish for a stone of matte color. For lighting, the entrance area meets the designer spotlight Aim.


    Several adjustments were made to the structure of the premises. The bathroom was combined with a toilet and left in the previous boundaries, and part of the bedroom area was taken away in favor of the dressing room.

    An Amazing Loft Apartment Project that for Work and Rest 03

    The spaces of the hallway, kitchen, and living room were made as open as possible, leaving only load-bearing structures in these zones.

    It is important to note that during the discussion of the concept it was decided not to make doors in the apartment, except the bathroom, as guests of customers never stay in the apartment for the night.

    The bearing section of the wall along the center of the public territory was extended so that on one side a convenient niche was created for the embedding of the kitchen front, on the other hand, a convenient plane for mounting the panel of a TV with a large screen, which the hostess often uses for work.

    A cozy sofa, frameless chairs, and a TV create a mood that is comfortable for rest, but at the same time, the owners use them in the process of work.


    For floors throughout the apartment, the chosen to engineer plank, except for the kitchen and bathroom area, as a floor covering which is made of slate from natural slate (in the bathroom this material goes to vertical surfaces.).

    An Amazing Loft Apartment Project that for Work and Rest 04

    Instead of the plinth used cork compensator in the color of the board. The walls were finished with wallpaper for painting, somewhere with clinker bricks, and in the working area in the living room — decorative plaster for cement.

    The ceilings were lowered by means of plasterboard for installation of built-in and overhead lighting devices with the possibility of their direction, as well as placement of additional LED lighting in the resulting niches.

    The head of the bed is made of a parquet board. Throughout the interior, an original design approach can be traced: on white walls, the authors planned white sockets, on wooden surfaces – their black analogs. Radiators in the bedroom painted in graphite color.


    An Amazing Loft Apartment Project that for Work and Rest 05

    The color planes created due to the characteristic finishes for the loft (red brick, white surfaces, plaster for concrete and wooden texture), have become an excellent background for bright decor elements and black graphics “smears.”

    The walls of the apartment are also decorated with funny posters and a surfboard. Textiles and pillows were made to order after the completion of the repair work.

    The wall in the font area, the counter top under the sink and the rack in the bathroom from floor to ceiling are made of waterproof teak. Behind the mirror over the sink hid shelves for storage of bath accessories.

    Alexey Ivanov, Pavel Gerasimov

    Project authors | By Geometrium

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