A Stunning Glass Apartment in the Attic

    A Stunning Glass Apartment in the Attic

    In the heart of Sweden’s capital, there is a glass duplex of exceptional design that will delight you with open and bright rooms and an atmosphere that eases with ease.

    With a total of 117 square meters divided into two levels in the attic of the building, this spacious apartment is bathed in natural light, and its freshness further emphasizes interior d├ęcor in white, as well as glass walls and floor that allow free flow of light between floors of the apartment.

    Elegant apartment is decorated in a modern Scandinavian style and devoid of redundant details. The interior is very harmonious and harmonious, and it is organized to combine open spaces and private rooms.

    The kitchen, living room and dining room are connected to a unique room on the lower level of the apartment.

    The snowy whiteness of the interior “broke” furniture in the dark color of the wood, and a special warmth of space provided a wooden floor in a brighter shade.

    This level includes three private rooms: a bedroom and a study room, and a bathroom that is decorated and equipped with a hydromassage bathtub like the right spa oasis.

    However, the most impressive part of the apartment is located on the upper leveled by hanging wooden stairs whose refined appearance is accentuated by the built-in lighting.

    On the first floor is the star of the apartment: main bedroom with a small living room from which a glass wall is shared.

    Gallery space

    A large part of the floor is made of glass, thanks to which this part of the apartment at the very top avoided the trap that is common for the attic – it is dark and curved. One of the main reasons for this is the use of roof windows that provide natural lighting and a pleasant ambiance.

    Thanks to this, the gallery space visually looks much larger. A similar example of a great use of roof windows can be seen in the heart of Belgrade in the case of the attic in Karaburma, which you will fall in love with at first glance.

    Another great way to get to more sunlight, but also more space in your attic can be read in the text Expand your attic with the perfect roof railing.

    Leather furniture in brown color is in harmony with the wooden part of the floor, and a touch of elegance is provided by massive crystal chandeliers and high metal candlesticks.

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