6 Design Solutions for a Small Bathroom

    6 Design Solutions for a Small Bathroom

    Together with the OBI experts, we tell how to beautifully decorate a small bathroom and find a place for all that is necessary.

    1. Bright walls

    Designers Anna Polenova and Natalia Lavrik chose an unusual combination of colors: bright yellow and dark gray and complemented the interior with accessories of the same color.

    Bright walls in the bathroom are easiest to make with the help of tinted paint. By the way, in the OBI hypermarkets, the tinting service is provided absolutely free of charge, no matter what color you choose.

    2. An unusual combination of finishes and accessories

    Designer Natalia Mitrakova chose to decorate the walls in the bath area with an unusual tile in the form of three-dimensional cubes. Together with the mirror in the “Hollywood” style and the classical chandelier, a stylish eclectic interior has turned out.

    3. Mirror storage case

    Mirrors visually increase space – this is exactly what Anna Kovalchenko knows. For this small bathroom, the designer chose a high pencil case with a mirror door.

    In addition to the fact that with the help of the mirror, the bath visually increased almost twice, in the pencil case all hygiene items were hidden.

    4. Washing machine and storage system in a niche

    The designers of the ANTEI studio placed a bath, a washbasin, a washing machine and a spacious storage system in the bathroom area of ​​3 square meters. How did they do it? The washing machine and the closet they built into a special niche, so there was room for free passage.

    5. Bright details

    In this project, the designer Vera Tarkovsky made a frame for the mirror and the back of the bath in one color. Bright accents that combine with each other, decorated a small bathroom.

    6. More free space

    Sometimes you just need to leave space in the bathroom – do not occupy every square meter of cabinets, appliances, and accessories. This solution is suitable for those who love space or live alone, then there is no need to store many things.

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