5 Ready-Made Color Solutions for the Bathroom | Awesome Color Palettes

    5 Ready-Made Color Solutions for the Bathroom | Awesome Color Palettes

    A special article is ready for our followers, here is perfect color palettes for your bathrooms with real samples.

    Warm hues can soften even the cold sanitary faience. Together with the designer Geza Hansen, we tell you about 5 inspirational color solutions with the example of bathroom fixtures Villeroy & Boch.

    What do we know about Geza Hansen?

    Profession: designer

    She creates handmade furniture brand “The Hansen Family” and has her own studio in Paris.

    Awards: international awards in the field of design

    Among them the Red Dot Design Award and the International Good Design Award of the Chicago Athenaeum.

    Customers: famous European brands

    For example, Sid Lee, Dom Pérignon, Le Mont Saint Michel, Armani, and others.

    About the concept of Gesu Hansen

    To create a color concept, Gesu Hansen was inspired by Paris. Each of the solutions is a palette of colors for one of the seasons in this city.

    The concept was developed specifically for the production of Villeroy & Boch bathrooms – washbasins.

    1. Spring Palette

    Basis: Shades of the first green;
    Mint – Sencha – Cedar

    Each of the shades – reference to the atmosphere of Paris. For example, a washbasin or a bath in the shade of mint will add the interior of the bathroom. And also – will bring together associations with the color of pasta pastry packaging from the famous Ladurée confectionery.

    How to use? Green is perfectly combined with dark wood, gray or white elements, and walls. Coarse textures of floor coverings, for example, raw concrete or brushed metal, accentuate the association with the lush greenery of the forest.

    2. Summer Palette

    Basis: Solar summer shades;
    Macaron – Lemon – Mustard

    According to Giza, such material as ceramics looks cold and hard. Delicate, warm colors will soften this effect. They will recall the midday sun in the Tuileries garden and the yellow marquises typical of the Ottoman buildings in the aristocratic 8th arrondissement of Paris.

    How to use? Yellow harmonizes with light wood and is good in combination with pastel tones. Bright contrasts can be achieved with the help of the neighborhood with black, and a warm wood-and-brown color will give the interior a natural look.

    3. Autumn Palette

    Basis: Muted quiet shades;
    Powder – Ballet – Rose

    Lyrical colors like a real aesthete and will surely come across an idea to spend a weekend among the autumn riot of colors of the Luxembourg garden.

    How to use? Pink fits well with light surfaces and furniture, for example, from bleached gray or white-lacquered wood, white marble or a cream-colored stone.

    4. Winter Palette

    Basis: Reserved cold shades;
    Fog – Frost – Ocean

    Such a color palette is a direct reference to the foggy morning in Paris and a neutral, clean background for deeper accents.

    How to use? The shades of blue create an atmosphere of freshness and purity, and white or light gray furniture enhances this effect. If you want to add heat, you can enter in the interior accessories made of wood or yellow accents.

    5. Universal Palette

    Basis: Classical universal colors;
    Black -Anthracite – Light gray

    With their help, you can create a stylish and boring atmosphere and complement them with the “seasonal” palette.

    How to use? A classy combination will be the neighborhood of these neutral shades with matte gold or a saturated green cedar from the spring palette

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