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    How to arrange a small space? Even if your kitchen windowsill and each centimeter are at a premium – there are ways to always have fresh herbs on hand. Here are 10 ideas for the original home Herbarium!

    Ideas for Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 01

    Who said that the place of herbs is in the kitchen? If you lack space on the windowsill-bet on a practical trolley. Or a mini greenhouse, which you can put on the balcony as soon as lighten frosts. Ways to home Herbarium is a lot, here are the 9 most interesting (and by far the most practical). Check out the gallery!

    Home Herbarium Mobile Version

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 02
    If you miss the kitchen window with a wide sill, and each centimeter is worth its weight in gold – bet on the mobile solution. The stylish trolley can be used as a quick reference Herbarium, which – if necessary, you can always move to another place. An added bonus you can always set in the Sun! Mini Cart on wheels, you will find at the antique market or IKEA.

    A Miniature Greenhouse | Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 03
    As only a little warmer, you can put it on the balcony. In your greenhouse herbs and seedlings will have very good conditions for development. In addition, this option will work well in your home – and can be a very spectacular setting for the greens!

    Handy Tool Box | Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 04
    Converted to a miniature Green Garden. In practical compartments fits any of the herbs and flowers in pots, as well as the necessary supplies tools. The idea is not only on the balcony – will also work on the kitchen windowsill.

    Mini Discount Wooden Box | Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 05
    A simple way to orderly and compact patch. In a wooden box holds all the most essential herbs, which every day you use in your kitchen. For each plant, add own made a label for long the stick – the stylish accent in conjunction with the old wood will create on the balcony or in the apartment of an idyllic, rustic atmosphere.

    Stylish Sill | Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 06
    Instead of the classic pots – enameled cups and pots, churn fruit and other retro dishes. This simple procedure will turn into the usual window sill in a stylish Herbarium, which will adorn the kitchen.

    A Herbarium with Recycled | Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 07
    Instead of throwing away unnecessary cans-convert them into eye-catching pots in vintage style! You can treat them as a sheath or plant herbs and flowers directly inside the cans. Just do not forget about it, to do it at the bottom of the drainage stone or expanded clay – so the water in the pot will not be in arrears.

    The Way to Cress | Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 08
    No more anesthetic planting cress on a plate. Instead, use small cups, platters on the cake, creamers and other ceramic vessels. They will be beautifully presented on the kitchen windowsill or the Easter table.

    Punnet Hidden in the Greenery | Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 09

    Painted white punnet can be the perfect shell for a few smaller pots with herbs. Simply decorate them green leaves (you can cut them with a paper napkin and glue to decoupage), set next to a bunch of white pots and voila! The perfect green corner ready!

    From One Pot | Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 010
    The solution to the lack of space in the kitchen? All the herbs in one place! For example, in a broad enamel pot. Just insert into the pots with plants (preferably rectangular shape) and keep in mind the regular watering.

    Herbs and Flowers | Home Herbarium

    Ideas for Home Herbarium 011

    It is a beautiful and glamorous combination that can be both a decoration of balcony and kitchen window sill. Do you like the smell of herbs, but your eyes are enjoying spring flowers? Combine beautiful with pleasure and enjoy spring in the House!

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