10 great and cheap ideas for your modern wardrobe

    10 great and cheap ideas for your modern wardrobe

    Having clothes and footwear and fashion accessories in places that are not classic cabinets is a trend in interior design. Become a part of that story!

    Racks, hangers, boxes, and cabinets replaced classic cabinets in many homes and eventually became a real hit. But their more frequent use and popularity are not just a matter of trend but also of practicality and functionality. We often have small corridors and dormitories and we find it difficult to find a suitable wardrobe to solve the problem of wearing clothes, footwear and bedding, and making good use of the space.

    Of course, the best solution would be the built-in wardrobes tailored to fit the dimensions of our rooms or the ‘walk-in’ wardrobe – a separate storage room with shelves to store all your belongings. Here are some suggestions that you can very easily solve the storage problem. The stands are especially practical for the hallways because the hangers are never big enough to accommodate all the jackets and coats we currently wear. This is how it is dressed and less crowded, and looks nicely and neatly. In this way, we solve the problem of the clothes we currently wear, and we would not want to go back to the closet but to wear it before putting it in the washing machine.

    The wardrobe space separated by curtains is very popular lately and is often used in youth interiors. You can order the modular shelving system to your degree in furniture shops. Curtain system is very practical when you want to hide something or when you are not able to get new shelves. Curtains will overcome such drawbacks.

    Hanger stands are designed for men’s interiors where they are grim when the crowd is in the closet. Instead of it, the ideal solution is a stand that will fit not only clothes but also footwear, books, and other things. And if you want the stand to be stylish and the one that resembles the male apartments, choose the one in the industrial style.

    From old refurbished shelves that can be stylishly different, make your own corner for clothes and footwear and fashion accessories. Such a wardrobe system will leave the impression of a real small fashion show, especially if you add some decorative detail and a storage box.

    Here’s the solution to put in a wardrobe in only one square meter. Large deep drawer chests can accommodate very much clothes that are stackable, and a small hanger for coats, shirts, and dresses. Below the hangers, there were places for the addition of footwear and dirt.

    A great example of how you can use a curtain, a metal shelf, and a metal pad to create a wardrobe behind the bed. With the addition of decorative elements, this space will also get another purpose and will look aesthetically beautiful. Choose curtains of lighter colors so that the cloakroom would not clog the space.

    Living in the attic, chests, boxes, and hangers are the ideal answer to clothing. This is certainly a more convenient option than ordering custom made cabinets, as it is difficult to find in the store the one that will fit the tiles of your roof.

    Metal stitches and a piece of a jigsaw make an ideal antechamber, right? You can order them at a carpenter’s desk or in specialty shops selling ‘raw’ furniture making materials and asking them to process them. After that, you only need to fasten them to the wall.

    Most over the bed does not only have to be sealed cabinets and shelves, but also a wardrobe space. And so you save on space and take advantage of the background behind the bed if you do not have room for the closet.

    Use the old ladder to make your way and use them to remove them. They can also serve as an open front of cabinets below which will be partially concealed and sheltered shelves that you will defer their belongings. Great solution for the lobby!

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